Picture Upload Not Supported By Blog Error – Windows Live Writer & WordPress : Solved

If you are trying to publish a post containing pictures to a WordPress blog using windows live writer you may encounter the following error. “The following pictures cannot be published because the blog does not support picture publishing.” The error could be caused due to several reasons. In my case the error was caused due … Read more

HL7 File Rename Application – Based on Open Source HL7 API by UCH

As promised in my previous blog here is a preview of the application I am developing to rename hl7 messages to reflect patient demographic information in the filename. The HL7 file rename application is a utility software which scans specified folders for HL7 files. The application then parses these files to pickup patient demographic information … Read more

Open Source HL7 API – NHapi

While searching for an open source .NET parser for HL7 messages, I came across NHapi and I found it to be great. NHapi is a .NET port of Java based API HAPI and although HAPI comes with a good API documentation the same is not true for NHapi. The only good documentation I could find … Read more