Developerforce Wiki Login Error Solved : Salesforce

If you have come across the following database error on developerforce documentation site and are still clueless on how to solve this problem.. read on.

Site :

You are trying to : Login to wiki / download Fundamentals: Custom Application Development in the Cloud

Error Message :

A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:

(SQL query hidden)

from within function "User::saveSettings". MySQL returned error "1062: Duplicate entry ‘Alok Agrawal (Alok Agrawal)’ for key ‘user_name’ (localhost)". Retrieved from ""

Following is a screenshot of the error message


Resolution :

To resolve this error all you need to do is change your name in the personal information area in developer login setup.

Steps –

1. Click on Developer Login and login to your account.
2. Click on the setup link on the main page.

3. Click on Personal Setup –> Personal Information –> Edit

4. Change your first name and / or last name.

Thats it! Now when you try to login to wiki there should be no problem. Also if you just want to download the Platform Fundamentals pdf ebook you can do so from outside the wiki. Follow these steps to download this book from

1. Select the hardcopy option from the available options.

2. Select the file download option below the add to cart button.

The exact hardlink is as follows :

Hope this helped as I could not find any resolution to this problem on the developerforce discussion forum.

2 thoughts on “Developerforce Wiki Login Error Solved : Salesforce”

  1. Hi,
    I had the same problem and your solution worked. Will you please elaborate, why problem is coming up and why it is being resolved by updating the name?

    Digamber Prasad

    • I think name is a unique key in this system and so when another user with same name tries to register it does not permit. Normally userid is used as a unique key but I think its not so here..


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