Picture Upload Not Supported By Blog Error – Windows Live Writer & WordPress : Solved

If you are trying to publish a post containing pictures to a WordPress blog using windows live writer you may encounter the following error.

“The following pictures cannot be published because the blog does not support picture publishing.”


The error could be caused due to several reasons. In my case the error was caused due to two reasons. One, I had not created the uploads folder in wp-content and two after creating I did not CHMOD it to 777.

To solve this problem try the following.

1. Go to your WordPress site admin, look for the Settings panel (bottom – left corner) and click on Miscellaneous option.


2. Make a note of the upload folder.


3. Now open an FTP connection to your site and browse to your WordPress folder. 
Check for wp-content/uploads folder and create if it does not exist

4. Folder Permissions – Check if the folder has read , write & execute permissions for owner, group and everyone. ie. make sure the permission level is 777. If not CHMOD the folder to 777.

Thats it! You should now be able to create posts with images.

4 thoughts on “Picture Upload Not Supported By Blog Error – Windows Live Writer & WordPress : Solved”

  1. thanks, this got me on the right track. But now I think you have to click on Settings/ Media and set “Store uploads in this folder” to “wp-content/uploads”

    I also did your trick with the permissions but I couldn’t be sure it was THAT that did the trick.

    Thanks for pointing the way. I was thinking it was my blogging software!!!

  2. Thank you for that article. My problem was that I had for some reason incorrect path indicated in the “Store uploads in this folder”. Perhaps that happened when I changed my hosting provider.

    So after I changed value in the field back to “wp-content/uploads”, WLW has published my post without any problems.


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